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Born and raised in Bangalore India, one of India's largest cities and the Silicon Valley of Asia, she was exposed to various cinema at a very young age. Being a very creative individual and partaking in creating the set at her school by the time she was in 7th grade, HarshitaReddy decided her career path would be related to film. Indian cinema influenced her immensely in her late teens. Knowing that it would provide her a reliable foundation for her career as a designer in film, Harshita pursued her bachelor's degree in Architecture from B M S School of Architecture, Bangalore- India. Her design skills were enriched during her time at Mind Space Architectheaded by Sanjay Mohe one of India's most renowned Architects. On a mission to pursue her true passion, Harshita gained experience under Production Designer and Art director Pekati Ranga Rao who has designed over 350 regional Indian movies. Harshita decided it was time to continue her education and she did so by attending The American Film Institute Conservatory for a Master of FineArts in Production Design. Starting her career as an Art department Assist for the NBC TV show THE GOOD PLACE, she has also worked on multiple independent projects as a Production designer. She is now a union member of the ART DIRECTORS GUILD. With both an Assistant Art Director and a Set Designer card as she continues to work her way up in the industry

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